What others have said

Brown Trail School of Preaching Spanish Department

Faithful brethren in the Lord’s church have placed great confidence in the work that is being accomplished in the Spanish Department of the Brown Trail School of Preaching. There are several reasons why such brethren are confident that sound teaching is being imparted by each of our instructors in the Spanish Department:

  1. Each of our instructors is a graduate of the Brown Trail School of Preaching.
  2. Each of our instructors has filled out a doctrinal questionnaire to make sure that what they teach in the classroom is in accordance with sound doctrine.
  3. Each of our instructors is bilingual and has preached lessons in English. Anyone can learn about their preaching and make sure that what they preach is sound doctrine.
  4. The elders of the Brown Trail congregation, since the beginning of the Spanish Department, have placed great confidence in the work that is being done.
  5. Willie Alvarenga, director of the Spanish Department, is well-known in the brotherhood for teaching and preaching sound doctrine. He has preached in several lectureships such as: The Spiritual Sword lectures in Memphis, TN., The Power Lectures in Southaven, MS., The Shenandoah lectures in San Antonio, TX., The Fort Worth Lectures in Bedford, TX., The Brown Trail School of Preaching lectures in Bedford, TX., The Lubbock lectures, Lubbock, TX., and many other lectureships in the Spanish brotherhood in the States and in other countries. These preaching opportunities have provided a way for brethren to hear Brother Alvarenga preach. As most of you know, Willie is known for his ability to memorize hundreds of Scriptures in English and Spanish. His sermons are always filled with Scripture (1 Peter 4:11).
  6. Each of the graduates from the Spanish Department is well known for their soundness in the faith.
  7. Each of our students and graduates can attest to what they were taught and are being taught in the classroom.

With this in mind, let us read what faithful brethren have said and continue to say about the Spanish Department of the Brown Trail School of Preaching:

“A rewarding part of preacher training at Brown Trail School of Preaching is its Hispanic Department. It is not only a promising effort but also it is already bearing fruit because the teachers were trained in the past at Brown Trail School of Preaching. They now are using their knowledge of the Word of God to help prepare other faithful men to preach the gospel of Christ in their Spanish language. This is rewarding in itself, but knowing the changing demographics of our cities, there is an imperative need for capable gospel preachers in the rapidly increasing number of Hispanic congregations throughout our brotherhood. We commend Willie Alvarenga and his staff to you as this good work continues. We hope there will be a number of elderships and mission committees as well as individuals who will contribute a portion of their present budgets to this important training program. It is worthy of your generous financial support and your fervent prayers” – Hardeman Nichols, Elder and Gospel Preacher.

“The Brown Trail School of Preaching Spanish Department is a wonderful place to train for greater service in the kingdom of God. The administration and faculty is composed of godly men of unusual ability. Their dedication and soundness in the faith is unquestioned. The courses of study are biblically comprehensive and thorough. The facilities are some of the finest. Any student who enrolls and pursues his studies with diligence will be richly rewarded now; and, for the rest of his life” – Wendell Winkler, Gospel Preacher, deceased

“Go ye therefore, and teach all nations,…” (Matt. 28:19) is a challenging command given to the billions of souls alive today; the imperative is made even more difficult due to language barriers. For some, the command is, “Por tanto, id, y haced discípulos a todas las naciones,…” Unfortunately, to answer that command effectively those who would fulfill it must be able to understand it. The Spanish Department of the Brown Trail School of Preaching is uniquely positioned to train men to preach the Gospel not only in Mexico, Central America, and other Spanish speaking countries, but also to preach the Gospel to a growing Hispanic population in the United States. Willie Alvarenga and the brethren who work with him are ably giving sound instruction that will help to populate Heaven with an incalculable number of souls. Their efforts are well worth the prayers and financial support of all brethren!—Daniel F. Cates, Elder, Gospel Preacher, Dean of Communications at the Memphis School of Preaching.

“I am so thankful to God for the Brown Trail School of Preaching Spanish Department! It is fulfilling a great need to train men to preach the gospel to the ever-growing Hispanic community in our nation.  The teachers in the school are all graduates of the Brown Trail School of Preaching who have proven themselves to be men of integrity and faithfulness to the Lord.  They are doing a good job of passing on their learning to others who will follow them in faithfully proclaiming the truth.  I would heartily recommend this good work to all for support and prayers”—Robert Dodson, Gospel preacher and Speaker for the Truth In Love National Television Program.

“The Spanish department of the Brown Trail School of Preaching is meeting the needs of the present and future for the Lord’s church in the United States among those who speak Spanish and also Spanish speaking nations. I have personally worked with those in Mexico who graduated from the school as well as with our brother Willie Alvarenga, director of the Spanish department, on several occasions and know of his soundness in the faith and doctrine, his eternal desire to train men to preach the truth and to personally take the gospel to the world. Your prayers and financial support of the Spanish department is a means to fulfill the great commission given by Jesus”–Wayne Brewer, Gospel Preacher.

“The importance and influence of the work being done by the Spanish department at the Brown Trail School of Preaching cannot be overstated. A major portion of the world’s population is Spanish-speaking. In the United States alone, Spanish-speakers make up 18% (approximately 60,000,000) of the inhabitants. Moreover, Spanish is the dominant language in Spain, Central America, most of South America, et al. These multiplied millions of souls are included in Christ’s “Great Commission” that we take the Gospel of Christ to “all the world” and preach it to “every creature” (Mk. 16:15-16). Since Spanish is the only language understood by the vast majority of those souls, the question is: “How shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a [Spanish-speaking] preacher?” (Rom. 10:14). Here is where the Spanish department at the Brown Trail School of Preaching has a significant role to play.

Teaching is a vital work of the church (Jn. 6:44-45; Mt. 28:19-20). Since it is impossible for men to teach that which they do not know, in order to teach the Gospel to others, one must first study and learn God’s Word (2 Tim. 2:15). Training men to preach is an essential part of that work (2 Tim. 2:2), whether that training is “formal” or “informal.” Self-training (personal study/discipline) is a requirement in either case, but a directed course presented by experienced and knowledgeable servants of God, is the most advantageous to the student in school, and later to those he endeavors to teach. That is what the man preparing himself to preach has in Brown Trail’s training courses for Spanish-speaking students. And, his training there is an effective means of expediting his preparations to preach and teach the Gospel of Christ to the Spanish-speaking people in their own language. Such a noble effort on the part of the school and the students who attend there is worthy of our support, moral and financial.

Brother Willie Alvarenga is the capable Director of the Spanish department in the Brown Trail School of Preaching. Having heard him speak and having seen him interacting with the students, I am confident that brother Alvarenga is dedicated to his work of educating men in God’s Word, and developing their ability to preach it. If you are interested in attending, or want more information about the school, I would suggest that you contact brother Alvarenga directly. You will find him to be most helpful”–Tommy J. Hicks, Gospel preacher.

It gives me much pleasure to recommend the Spanish Department at the Brown Trail School of Preaching under the direction of Bro. Willie Alvarenga.  I have spoken many times on the fine lectureship at Brown Trail. I have been on several programs with Willie and have heard him speak. He is a sound and solid man. I have been very impressed with his students in the Spanish Department. Work with Spanish speaking people is very precious to me. My grandson, Ryan Davis, and his wife Sarah work with the church in Cusco, Peru. Willie and his dedicated faculty and students are engaged in a monumental work-converting Spanish speaking people and keeping them faithful, both here in the U.S. and around the world. They are deserving of your support.


Robert R. Taylor, Jr., Gospel Preacher

Thank you, brethren, for your confidence in the work we do!